What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency can happen when you least expect it. Mac Plumbing has some tips you can follow while waiting for a plumber.

If you end up having a plumbing emergency, first call the professionals at Mac Plumbing. Next, be prepared with the following items and information.

Helpful Items to Have in Your Home

  • Bucket
    • Use a bucket to help catch excess water.
  • Paper towels and/or rags.
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Screwdriver
  • Plunger 
    • Common sink/cup plunger
      • This type of plunger is for flat surfaces like sinks and tubs.
      • Positive pressure is created by forcing the cut down and negative pressure when pulled away from the fixture.
    • Toilet/flange plunger
      • This type of plunger has a soft rubber flap that folds out from inside the cup making it fit over the curved toilet drain.
  • Duct or sealing tape
  • Wire coat hanger
    • Use pliers to turn the coat hanger into a make-shift drain snake to clear the drain of clogs.

Helpful Tips

  • If a pipe bursts, turn off the water supply. 
    • If you don’t already know where your water supply shut-off valve is located, you should locate it now.
  • Always turn off the switch to your garbage disposal before attempting to unclog your kitchen sink.
    • Never reach your hand down a disposal. Instead, use tongs to attempt to take out excess debris.
  • Although a flange plunger can be used as a cup plunger, it’s best to have both in your house and used separately.
    • Using the toilet plunger on your sink can be unhygienic and lead to cross contamination.
    • Never use a plunger after using toxic cleaning chemicals. Plunging can create backlash and lead to toxic chemicals splashing out and onto your skin or eyes. Always use caution when using harsh chemicals.

If you run into a plumbing emergency and are not able to find an easy solution to fix it yourself, call Mac Plumbing!

Our skilled and experienced plumbers at Mac Plumbing can help you identify any plumbing issues you may run into and recommend the right plumbing repair or replacement services for your home. Quack, Quack, call Mac Plumbing (931) 552-5555.