Call Mac Plumbing For Any Plumbing Emergency!

Mac Plumbing is always at your disposal. But here are a few tips to keep your plumbing running smoothly before there’s an emergency.

In the kitchen:

  • Grease is something that should never go down the drain! It congeals and clogs.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, do not put coffee grounds, fruit peels or egg shells and other problem food items in there.

In the Bathroom:

  • Buy an inexpensive screen for the bath or shower drain. It will stop hair and jewelry from going down the drain and causing clogs. We recommend the TubShroom – it’s inexpensive, easy to install, and works well. 
  • Baby wipes and sanitary products are not to be disposed of down the toilet. An easy tip is to invest in a small trash can with a lid nearby.

Water Pressure:

  • Check your water pressure. If it’s too high, it could damage your fixtures and pipes. You can install a pressure regulator where the main line enters your home.

Use a Plunger:

  • Some drain cleaners can damage your drain lines. Never use a drain cleaner in an older home with copper plumbing. Instead, use a plunger or snake to break the clog free.

For your Septic Tank:

  • Use biodegradable soaps and detergents
  • Don’t use excessive amounts of bleach or chemicals that may kill the natural bacteria in your septic tank. Remember our blog about septic tanks?

If your garbage disposal clogs, flush it with vinegar and boiling water. If that doesn’t help, call Mac Plumbing.

But the most important tip is to get your plumbing checked regularly. Regular inspections can catch small problems before they become big disasters.

Contact Mac Plumbing for an inspection of your plumbing system. Call us at (931) 552-5555.