Are You Ready For Holiday Guests? Is Your Plumbing Ready?

With the upcoming onslaught of extra people in your home, Mac Plumbing has a few tips to keep your plumbing up to par.

Have you heard of “Brown Friday”? It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest day for plumbers. The surge of calls come from homes with garbage disposal and sink issues due to improper garbage disposal use. Plus the unusual number of houseguests during the holidays accounts for the toilet and water heater issues.

Here are a few tips to avoid plumbing issues this holiday season:

Plumbing quirks

  • If you’ve learned to live with having to jiggle the toilet handle, your guests might find it a little annoying. Call MAC plumbing and have them check out those little problems before they become bigger problems with those extra guests.

Waste Can and Plunger

  • Make sure there’s a waste receptacle in the bathroom to keep guests from flushing any items that aren’t meant for the toilet, like paper towels and sanitary products. And keep a plunger nearby so your guests don’t have to ask for one if needed.

Protect your garbage disposal

  • To keep your well-meaning guests from scraping the wrong things down your garbage disposal, consider making a friendly sign to place near the sink as a reminder about what not to put in the sink.

Check your water heater

  • Having your guests run out of hot water mid-shower is not very hospitable. If you haven’t had your water heater tuned up or flushed in several months, make sure to call Mac Plumbing before your guests arrive.


Make sure you’re ready for the holidays with a plumbing check-up from Mac Plumbing. And if you do find yourself with plumbing problems during the holidays, be sure and Contact Mac Plumbing or call us at (931) 552-5555.