Rusty Water? Here are the Causes & Solutions

Dealing with rusty water in your home or business can be concerning. Rusty water not only affects the quality of your water but can also impact the functionality of your plumbing system. However, there are effective solutions to address and mitigate this problem.

Identify the Source: 

  • The first step in addressing rusty water is to identify the source of the rust.
    • Rust can originate from corroded pipes
    • water heaters
    • or other plumbing components

A professional inspection from Mac Plumbing can help pinpoint the exact location and extent of the issue.

One Solution: Installing a Water Filtration System

  • Installing a water filtration system is an excellent way to remove rust particles from your water supply. There are various filtration options available, including
    • whole-house filters
    • under-sink filters
    • faucet-mounted filters
    • These systems are designed to trap and remove impurities, which provides you with clean and clear water.

Evidence of Rusty Water Laundry Problems: 

  • Yellow, red, or brown stains on clothes
  • Yellowing of white clothes, especially when chlorine bleach is used.
  • Clogged steam iron vents and sputtering rusty water stains when ironing.

Solutions for Laundry:

  • Laundry results can be improved first by using a non-precipitating packaged water softener (usually containing phosphate), and then using the usual amounts of heavy-duty laundry detergent.
  • Be sure to use the compound in the rinse and wash cycles to prevent rust stains.

Remember, addressing rusty water is about improving the aesthetic quality of your water and maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your plumbing infrastructure. If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you in achieving clean and clear water for your home or business.

Be prepared with a check-up from Mac, and if you find yourself with plumbing or HVAC problems, be sure to contact Mac Plumbing, Heating & Air here or call us at (931) 552-5555.