Is It Time To Replace My Water Heater?

Are you running out of hot water before you’re finished with your shower? Mac Plumbing shares some telltale signs that your water heater needs some attention.


Chances are, you can’t remember when you had your water heater installed. Unfortunately, water heaters cannot last forever. Most need to be replaced after 10 years so if it’s less than 10 years old, you might just need some repairs. 


The job of your water heater is to keep water inside the tank. If you start to see water gathering on the floor, that’s a pretty sure sign that it is NOT working properly. Be sure to check the surrounding pipes for leaks before blaming it on the water heater though.

Funny Noises

If you’re hearing clanking, banging, or rumbling noises, It’s probably because sediment is building up and hardening inside the tank. Sorry, but it might be time to replace the water heater. 

Rusty Water

Does your water look dirty? If so, it’s probably from rust in your water heater. However, your pipes might be the culprit so try draining some water from the tank to see if it’s clean before replacing the tank.

Not Working Like it Used to

Is your shower is getting colder quicker than normal and do you have to turn the temperature knob higher each time you use it? Remember to check the temperature settings before purchasing a new one.

What to Do

It may be time to call in the experts at Mac Plumbing. They can check for cracks in pipes, temperature setting problems, and drain your tank to clear it of sediments. And if those don’t help, Mac Plumbing can replace your water heater with a new energy-efficient appliance that can end up saving you money by lowering your energy bills.

Be prepared with a plumbing check-up from Mac Plumbing and if you do find yourself with plumbing problems, be sure and Contact Mac Plumbing here or call us at (931) 552-5555.