Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts on Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching, Mac Plumbing wants you to know what to throw away instead of putting down your garbage disposal

DON’T dump grease down the drain

  • Grease such as animal fats can accumulate over time and impede water flow and even clog pipes.
  • Make sure oils and grease are disposed into a container such as an old coffee can which can be thrown away in the garbage once it’s cooled.

DO cut your food into smaller pieces

  • Dumping too much at a time into your garbage disposal is not a good idea.
  • Put food down the garbage disposal in small increments and make sure they are properly pulverized before adding more.

DON’T carb-load your disposal

  • Starchy foods like potatoes, rice, and dried pasta can make a thick paste which can cause the blades to stick together. 
  • Add these items to your trash or compost heap.

DO use cold water

  • Hot water can cause any grease in foods to liquefy. Cold water solidifies any grease that might be present. These solids are more easily chopped up by your disposal.

DON’T put coffee grounds down the disposal

  • Coffee grounds have a tendency to cause clogs in the drains and pipes.

DO make your disposal work

  • You need to make your disposal work hard. Put items like ice, eggshells, small bones, and even citrus peels create a little internal scrubbing action inside your disposal. They “exfoliate” and clean the inside of the unit.
  • How to clean your garbage disposal.

For more in-depth information about what not to put in your garbage disposal, go here.

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