Beware of Freezing Pipes

Winters can be unpredictable in Middle Tennessee, and sometimes the frigid conditions take a toll on plumbing. Here are 3 tips to keep your pipes from freezing!

Unhook the Water Hose

On warm days it is easy to wash the car or spray out the garage and leave the hose attached to the hydrant.

In the winter, leaving the hose attached can cause water to remain in your pipes and freeze.

Close Vents Under Your Home

Vents allow moisture to be released from under the home in the warm weather. In the dry, cold months it is better to close them to keep as much heat under the home as possible.

Let the Faucets Drip

When the forecast shows extreme cold weather coming, it is helpful to let your sinks drip at night when the temperatures will be very chilly. The dripping allows the water to keep moving through the pipes, making it more difficult to freeze overnight when your plumbing in not in use.

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