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Yellow rubber ducky in a soapy bathtub
Be kind to your garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are great for disposing of food scraps, but there are certain items that shouldn’t go down the drain - like grease, eggshells, pasta and coffee grounds. Be kind to your toilets. Like your garbage disposal, your toilet can’t handle certain items. You…
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Family gathered in kitchen for holiday food
Have you heard of “Brown Friday”? It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest day for plumbers. The surge of calls come from homes with garbage disposal and sink issues due to improper garbage disposal use. Plus the unusual number of houseguests during the holidays accounts for the toilet and…
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Mac Plumbing wants to give you a few tips on how to improve the water quality in your home. Where does it come from? The water you enjoy in your home for drinking, cooking, and bathing, travels from your local treatment plant through a piping system to your home. Along…
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plumbing emergency, call MAC! A photo of a clogged garbage disposal drain
Grease is something that should never go down the drain! It congeals and clogs.If you have a garbage disposal, do not put coffee grounds, fruit peels or egg shells and other problem food items in there. Buy an inexpensive screen for the bath or shower drain. It will stop hair…
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A woman holds a bucket to catch leaking water. Summer may cause more plumbing problems. Call us to help!
Your toilets are going to be working overtime. Here are a few tips for the little ones. Hold a bathroom etiquette class on how to not overstuff the toilet with toilet paper.Put up signs in the bathroom, reminding kids what NOT to put in the toilet.Remind teenage girls that tampons…
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Mac Plumbing offers Septic Tank Services in Clarksville TN
Your Septic Tank is a large underground, a watertight tank that collects all your household water. Households use a lot of water through different sources: The kitchen sink The garbage disposal The dishwasher The washing machine The bathroom sink The toilet The bathtub That water (and everything you’ve added to…
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