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Water Heaters in a basement
When is the last time you’ve thought about your water heater? Water heaters go unnoticed for years unless you start running out of hot water during your morning shower. Here are some interesting facts about water heaters and how they can affect your utility bills. This means that your water…
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Two arms creepily sticking out of sink drains.
Halloween is just the beginning of the upcoming holiday season. With extra guests coming, you don’t want to have a plumbing horror in the middle of some happy gatherings. Think about all the pumpkins that are going to be carved this season. You know all that pulp has to go…
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A graphic of septic tank and plumbing
More than one in five households have septic tanks. Most of these households are in rural areas but some older homes in bigger neighborhoods were not put on city water and sewage so they still maintain a septic tank system. A septic system has a large container located underground which…
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Mac Plumbing wants to give you a few tips on how to improve the water quality in your home. Where does it come from? The water you enjoy in your home for drinking, cooking, and bathing, travels from your local treatment plant through a piping system to your home. Along…
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plumbing emergency, call MAC! A photo of a clogged garbage disposal drain
Grease is something that should never go down the drain! It congeals and clogs.If you have a garbage disposal, do not put coffee grounds, fruit peels or egg shells and other problem food items in there. Buy an inexpensive screen for the bath or shower drain. It will stop hair…
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A woman holds a bucket to catch leaking water. Summer may cause more plumbing problems. Call us to help!
Your toilets are going to be working overtime. Here are a few tips for the little ones. Hold a bathroom etiquette class on how to not overstuff the toilet with toilet paper.Put up signs in the bathroom, reminding kids what NOT to put in the toilet.Remind teenage girls that tampons…
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Go green by conserving water in Clarksville TN
Fix those leaky faucets If your bathroom or kitchen sink is dripping, you could be wasting more than 20 gallons every day. Get a new shower head Technology has come a long way in reducing water usage in shower heads. Insulate your pipes Pipe insulation can keep your hot water…
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Mac Plumbing offers Septic Tank Services in Clarksville TN
Your Septic Tank is a large underground, a watertight tank that collects all your household water. Households use a lot of water through different sources: The kitchen sink The garbage disposal The dishwasher The washing machine The bathroom sink The toilet The bathtub That water (and everything you’ve added to…
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Garbage Disposal
Whether your plumbing repair is great or small, we are happy to address your plumbing concerns. We will address those small concerns, before they become big problems.  Our plumbers have years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing plumbing systems for area homeowners. To schedule a service call with one of…
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Frozen Pipes
Winters can be unpredictable in Middle Tennessee, and sometimes the frigid conditions take a toll on plumbing. Here are 3 tips to keep your pipes from freezing! On warm days it is easy to wash the car or spray out the garage and leave the hose attached to the hydrant.…
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